‘X-rated’ picture of South Yorkshire TV stars The Chuckle Brothers goes viral - for all the wrong reasons

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A picture of South Yorkshire television stars The Chuckle Brothers enjoying a drink with a fan has gone viral - for all the wrong reasons.

At first glance, Barry and Paul seem to be enjoying a glass or two with a dark haired female fan at a restaurant - but dirty minded Twitter and Facebook users have decided that there’s something more saucy about what’s in the girl’s glass.

The comedy duo are known for raising a laugh, but this optical illusion picture has been an unintentional viral hit - as it appears the boys may have ordered a cocktail...

The image, tweeted by Manchester restaurant Solita, is obviously just the girl’s arm - but that hasn’t stopped social media users commenting that it distinctly looks like something else.

The Rotherham-born duo are regular faces on the South Yorkshire scene and are best remembered for their Chucklevision series and there ‘me to you’ catchphrase.