WOMBWELL market is the base for an entrepreneur who has found the spice of life.

Steve Close of Mexborough has a sweet tooth for sugar free sweets, a product he is in demand for.

It took him eight months to find a supplier of more than two dozen varieties of sugar free sweets and in the eight weeks his stall has been up and running he has built a client base which includes a customer who travels up from Norfolk.

But the biggest problem Steve is encountering is that there isn't eight days in a week.

Since his new range came in, he has worked seven days a week, non-stop, occupying a stall on Wombwell market every Friday.

He advertises his range as "Suitable for diabetics" and is led to believe he is the only trader in the Yorkshire area selling sugar free sweets.

"As far as I know I'm the only one," said Steve. "And the fact that I'm so busy backs that up.

"I'm doing really well with it and have built up some regular customers, one who travelled 125 miles from Norfolk.

"She was visiting relatives, heard about my sweets being suitable for diabetics and came and bought ten bags off me. She said she would come back once a month.

"It took me eight months to find the sweet and I've been really busy ever since."