Pianist is right on key for top music diploma

PIANO GIRL: Lauren Sawden. Picture: Karen Elliott.
PIANO GIRL: Lauren Sawden. Picture: Karen Elliott.

AN AWARD-winning young pianist from Mexborough has received a top diploma from the prestigious Trinity College London.

Lauren Sawdon, 16, was recently awarded the Associate Diploma for Recital in Piano.

The talented youngster also tasted success at this year’s Don Valley Festival in March, where she blew judges away with some classic recitals.

She will now represent the festival in the North London music festival to compete for the Emmanual Piano Trophy.

Her recent achievements come just months after her long-term music teacher, Barbara Senior, died last year.

Lauren said: “I just feel relieved more than anything, and I am fortunate to have had such a great teacher for 10 years.

“There’s no way I would have been able to do it without all her help.”

Mum Debbie added: “We are all so proud of her. To get a diploma by the age of 16 is a really remarkable achievement.

“She has always loved playing the piano, right from being a little girl.”

Despite her musical talent, the Wath Comprehensive School sixth-former plans a career in medicine.

Debbie said: “She has always done music as a hobby, and I think that she always will do.”