Nigel has a prick or two up his sleeve!

Barnsley tattoo artist Nigel Kurt.
Barnsley tattoo artist Nigel Kurt.

FANCY waking up to Hilda Ogden or Sir Winston Churchill grinning at you... not in the flesh, but ON it?

Enter Barnsley tattoo artist Nigel Kurt – a master of body portraiture, with a top title to prove it. He has just been voted the UK’s best UK male tattooist.

Nigel, 43 (above) has run Fun House Tattoos for 18 years.

He won’t touch hands and faces – but he’ll put anything from famous names to family members and pets on your legs or arms.

He said: “I get odd requests, but you have to take the role of counsellor and try and save people from making mistakes”.

His work even attracts praise from the celebrities themselves.

Nigel added: “Ronnie Barker rang me once when he saw a Two Ronnies portrait I had done – which was followed by a letter and signed photos.

“More recently, Adam Ant sent a nice note after seeing a portrait of himself on Jo Pink, who works with me.

“Getting endorsed by the person portrayed in the tattoo is about as good as it gets.”