News In Brief: How about bat for a rescue?

FIREFIGHTERS had to deal with an emergency of a furry kind - when a bat flew into a building at their station.

The crew on duty at Aston Fire Station found the creature unconscious on the ground.

Crew manager Mick Riddiough said: “The bat looked like it had flown into something. It was only a little thing. We picked the creature up using paper and put it in a biscuit tin, then wrapped it in a blanket to warm it up and help it recover.”

Cars on fire

FIREFIGHTERS were called to extinguish two blazing cars in the early hours of yesterday. A crew from Rotherham station attended the fire on Broad Street, Parkgate, at 3.20am. .

Vehicles alight

A CARAVAN went up in flames outside a house on Goathland Place, Woodhouse, Sheffield, and a Toyota Yaris was found burning on nearby Stone Lane. Both had been deliberately set alight.

Trio arrested

THREE youths were arrested by police after a short chase through Sheffield. The suspects were detained in the Birley area on suspicion of burglary and vehicle theft.