Manvers Waste Unit announcement delay

IT will now be another THREE months before residents know whether Manvers might host a giant incinerator or not.

Dearne residents expected to hear this month whether they might see a massive oven, or a composting unit, at the controversial Bolton Road site – but a notice on the Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Joint Waste Partnership (BDR) website says the decision has been deferred until April.

The date for final tenders is extended to January 17 – two months beyond the original deadline of last November.

The announcement came as Veolia’s Sheffield Environmental Services applied for temporary planning permission to take in waste from Barnsley and Doncaster – and more from Rotherham, to help fill ITS incinerator that is lacking feedstuff and therefore not running at full capacity.

A BDR spokeswoman said: “Issuing the call for final tenders happened later than planned, because of the need for continuing dialogue with both bidders about details of both schemes. Delays of this kind are quite common with a project of this size and complexity”.

Campaigners from the Against Incineration at Manvers (AIM) group have questioned again the viability of a Dearne incinerator, when recent studies show up to 93.3 per cent of waste can be recycled.

They continue to be fearful of health risks associated with incinerator emissions, and increased traffic pollution on the area’s roads, including the busy streets of Mexborough, Conisbrough, Rawmarsh and Swinton – all of which would see a huge influx of waste wagons.

But the Partnership claimed: “Even if planning permission is granted for Sheffield’s Bernard Road incinerator to increase its intake of waste, the spare 50,000 tonne capacity would still not be able to deal with all the future waste generated by Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, which cannot continue to be sent to landfill.

“The planning application relates to an increased intake of waste from nine local authority areas, and is therefore much wider than the area covered by the BDR Waste PFI Partnership.

“The predicted tonnage of waste for the proposed plant at Manvers takes into consideration an increase in householder recycling, (minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill), and the anticipated increase in number of households which produce waste. The message to householders, therefore, continues to be to “reduce, re-use and recycle”.

Anti-incinerator campaigning groups want the Veolia planning application to be put on hold – pending answers to many questions surrounding the details of the application.

The People Against Incineration group (PAIN) has asked for a time extension to the application, and for details to be included about the quantities and make-up of waste from all areas and bodies asked to contribute, and how the waste feed will be monitored, and how often.

PAIN also wants guarantees that new imported waste – from BDR areas among others – would not impinge on recycling performance, and that only non-recyclable waste would be handled.