Video - Staff speak out about lack of police response after spate of thefts from Dunscroft supermarket

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A fed up shop owner is calling on police to do more to stop yobs he says are repeatedly targeting his business.

Shaun Butler, runs the Londis store in Dunscroft with his partner Lorraine Brumby and nine other staff.

Since he took charge of the store in 1999 he claims thousands of pounds worth of stock have been taken and he and his staff have been attacked. But he says police are slow to react to his pleas for help.

He said: “It’s not on. I have CCTV footage of the incidents, I know where those who are doing this live, but the police are ignoring me.

“They seem to take no account of the stress and distress that staff are going through.

“But this will not force me to leave. All I ask for is police assistance.”

In the latest incident last week Mr Butler, 60, said ‘local druggies’ were knocking on the door of the shop in Sheep Dip Lane at 6am demanding booze.

When the store opened shortly afterwards one youth came into the shop and when staff refused to sell him alcohol, he grabbed a crate of beer and ran off without paying.

He chased the youth to a home and called the police. Mr Butler says he was given a crime number, but five days had passed and no officer had responded.

His partner, Ms Brumby, said: “As the police aren’t responding to our calls the thieves seem to be getting braver.

“It’s just a few that are making people’s lives a misery.”

A police spokesman said neighbourhood officers visit Mr Butler on a regular basis but said officers were not aware of any ‘significant incidents in the recent past.’

She added: “I don’t know why Mr Butler wasn’t visited after the latest incident, but now officers are aware of this they will visit him..




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