VIDEO: Reader offer worth £120 in Mexborough

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Tech savvy South Yorkshire Times readers are being offered a fantastic freebie this week . . . worth up to £120!

Your favourite read has teamed up with the Alien Technology computer store in Mexborough to offer you ten per cent off a new computer.

Owner Chris Chantler builds computer processors from scratch.

The systems can be worth up to £1,200 and he is offering ten per cent off any new processor he builds for you – which could be worth up to £120.

All you have to do is cut out the coupon on this page and take it to his stall in Mexborough Indoor Market to claim your exclusive discount.

The voucher is valid from today (Thursday August 28) to Wednesday September 3.

Mr Chantler, 57, of Hemingfield, said: “This is a great offer for your readers and is worth a lot of money.

“Anything free or offered at discount especially in these economic times should be taken advantage of.

“All of the equipment I use is top of the range and modern. Come and have a look.”

The opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm. Except Wednesday, which opens noon to 4.30pm.

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