VIDEO: Protest for jailed Doncaster dad who defaced Queen’s portrait

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Protestors gathered outside a London jail to show their support for a Doncaster dad who was jailed for vandalising a portait of the Queen.

Campaigners stood outside Wandsworth Prison with placards and loudhailers calling for the release of Tim Haries, who was jailed after damaging the painting with paint in Westminster Abbey.

Haries, aged 42, of Bellis Avenue, Balby, was sent to prison for six months.

After his sentence, Haries said: “I consider that as the custodial sentence is well outside of the Probation Service recommendations, this can only be a politically motivated decision. I therefore now regard myself as a political prisoner. My only crime is to fight to see my two daughters whom I love dearly, after being ordered to abandon them by the family courts.”

He is on hunger strike.




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