VIDEO: Bikes crushed after being seized from nuisance bikers in Doncaster

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Motorbikes seized from nuisance bikers across Doncaster have been destroyed by giant crushers.#

This video footage shows how the 12 bikes were destroyed at a site on Bentley Moor Lane, Carcroft on behalf of South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Council.#

Coun Joe Blackham, Doncaster Council’s cabinet member for enforcement, said: “We are not against people riding motorbikes as long as it is safely and of no nuisance to others.”

The local authority can take action, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, if a motorbike is causing a noise nuisance off road and immediately can serve an Abatement Notice. If that person is caught again and the Abatement Notice is served, then it has the power to seize the vehicle. Once seized a decision is then made to prosecute the offender in the Magistrates’ Court for contravention of the notice. The court may also rule that the bike is retained by the Council for six months before disposing of it how it sees fit.

Under the Police Reform Act, where a vehicle is being used and is the cause of alarm, harassment or distress, the police may issue a notice informing the rider that if they do it again the vehicle will be seized. The Police must return the vehicle after 24 hours upon payment of recovery and storage fees.

Generally bikes which are seized permanently are crushed and destroyed and the metal and parts are recycled.




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