Residents stuck with ‘one of worst roads in Doncaster’

Morley Place in Conisbrough is in a terrible state with a number of large potholes.

Morley Place in Conisbrough is in a terrible state with a number of large potholes.

Angry residents living on one of Doncaster’s most pot-holed roads have been told the council has no plans to ever repair it.

Locals living on Morley Place in Conisbrough say they have to negotiate dozens of sunken holes on their rutted street every time they leave their homes.

But because the road is unadopted, the council has no obligation to repair it.

Doncaster Council said its workers had filled in more than 3,000 pot holes in the last year but it has no plans to help Morley Place residents with their uneven highway.

Residents would have to foot the bill themselves - and say it could cost as much as £20,000 to have it re-surfaced.

Householder Susan Bright, who sent this picture to The Star, said: “I have lived on Morley Place for 40 years.”

Should we have to put up with the dangerous state of this road in the year 2014?”

Another resident Sean Preece said: “It has been like this for more than 20 years.

“A building firm fitted new sewage pipes underneath a nearby road and dumped all the excess onto our road.

“It was never fully tarmaced in the first place but the excess aggregate has never been cleared away either.

“It causes damage to vehicles, and people are at risk of turning an ankle on it.”

Andre Hulse who also lives in the street said: “One of the residents had a quote for £20,000 to do the road, which people don’t want to pay.

“We have written to the council many times but they never do anything about it because it isn’t under their ownership.”

Another resident said: “It is one of the worst roads in Conisbrough and probably even Doncaster.”

Karen Godfrey, headteacher of nearby Morley Place Junior School, also expressed her concern.

She said: “It potentially poses a risk of causing damage to vehicles and injuring people because it is such an uneven surface.”

A spokesman for campaign group said: “Potholes are a major factor in causing axle and suspension failure, which counts for a third of mechanical issues on UK roads and costs British motorists an estimated £2.8 billion every year. Authorities currently pay out more than £30 million in compensation claims due to poor roads.

“Even if it is not for the council to deal with, you would think they would like to assist residents to make sure they don’t have to deal with horrendous roads.”

Doncaster Council workers filled in 3,250 pot holes in the 12 months to February 2014.

A spokesperson for the authority said: “It is not the authority’s responsibility to repair and it is up to residents to keep maintained it if they wish to do so.”




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