Killer ‘boy racer’ jailed

Olivia Lewry (right) and Jasmine Allsop (left), who died after being in collision with a car in Gosport, Hampshire.

Olivia Lewry (right) and Jasmine Allsop (left), who died after being in collision with a car in Gosport, Hampshire.

A ‘boy racer’ who ran over and killed a Doncaster man’s daughter has been jailed for nine years – and condemned as ‘a menace’ on the roads.

Jasmine Allsop, aged 14, died along with her best friend Olivia Lewry, 16, when the two were knocked down by jobless Samuel Etherington.

The 20-year-old, who admitted two counts of death by dangerous driving, was travelling at 65mph in a 30mph zone in a souped-up Honda Civic with a roaring exhaust, after taking illegal drugs, Winchester crown court heard.

Judge Guy Boney QC, who also banned him from the roads for seven years, described him as ‘quite simply a menace behind the steering wheel of a car’.

He said that it was one of the most serious cases of death by dangerous driving seen by the courts for a very long time.

Jasmine’s dad, Kevin MacLauchlan, aged 58, of Durham Avenue, Thorne, described his daughter as ‘beautiful’.

“She was the most beautiful, bubbly girl – outgoing and affectionate, very caring,” he said at the time.

“I do not know how we are going to get through this.”

Etherington was driving a modified Honda Civic when he hit Jasmine and Olivia in Gosport, Hampshire, in November last year.

Jasmine lived with her mum yards from where the crash happened and died at the scene, while Olivia died in hospital later.

Nicholas Haggan QC, prosecuting, said blood tests carried out on Etherington showed he had taken ‘recreational levels’ of ketamine and mephedrone within the 24 hours prior to the accident.

The drugs can lead to euphoric states and even ‘out-of-body experiences’, he said, and could have led to an impairment of Etherington’s driving ability.

Mr Haggan said the two girls had been at a party at Jasmine’s home and at about 4.10am they were standing outside talking to a friend when the defendant drove past.




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