Isle motorists warned not to drink and drive this Christmas

Humberside Police logo.

Humberside Police logo.


Motorists in the Isle are being urged to not drink and drive over the festive season.

Officers from Humberside Police roads policing teams, in conjunction with Safer Roads Humber, will be out and about targeting drivers who put the safety of others at risk by getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Officers will be breathlysing motorists and running similar initiatives to their 2012 Winter Drink Drive Campaign.

Last year, police stopped and breathalysed 4076 people, 843 as a result of a road traffic collision. A total of 183 people provided a positive breath test, refused or failed to provide. 47 of those were as a result of a road traffic collision.

PC Barry Gardner, the force lead for the campaign, said: “I really want people to think is it really worth the risk? Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol and/or drugs can be dangerous for other roads users, pedestrians and could have life changes consequences for you.

“Year on year we have seen reductions in the number of people who have provided a positive breath test, but there still are the minority of selfish people who feel it is appropriate to put the lives of others at risk.

“It is that minority who we will be targeting and ensuring they don’t ruin the Christmas of some poor unsuspecting family.”

He added: “The facts are that you could get behind the wheel of that vehicle after consuming alcohol and/or drugs and think you only have a short distance to travel. Then the inevitable happens, you are involved in a collision and the poor innocent person in the other vehicle, or who was just walking home is fatally injured then what happens?

“We have to go deliver a death message to the loved one(s) of the person who has just died, you are arrested and could spend Christmas in custody, lose your job, your family and friends, and worst of all you have to live with the guilt of that for the rest of your life. All when you could have just called a taxi. Is it really worth it?

“I would also encourage people to please call 101 to report any people suspected of drink driving in your area. That call could quite easily save the life of somebody and keep the roads in your area safe. You can provide this information anonymously, but we need people to tell us where these people are.”

Mick Harris, partnership manager for Safer Roads Humber, added: “Drink driving is completely unacceptable and often drivers are caught out by not thinking through their plans fully.

“If caught drink driving after a quick drink with friends or the morning after a night out, it’s not just your licence that you risk - it could be your whole future.

“Losing your licence can result in you being fired from work and could reduce your future job prospects, which could in turn result in money problems. Being without your car could result in you being stuck at home so that even simple trips like shopping or transporting the kids around become nightmares.”




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