Everything turned out Rosie for Red!

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A Free Press campaign to rehouse abandoned dogs has seen it’s first successes with the first stray pooches finding new owners.

We teamed up with animal welfare charities after it was revealed around 90 dogs had been left to fend themselves over the festive period.

And now after we published the profiles of some pooches in need of a new home, generous readers have come forward to give a dog a new home.

They include seven-year old Rottweiler, Kyla, and Staffordshire bull terrier, Red, five. Many others like springer spaniels Max and Tyler have potential owners interested.

Marilyn and Roy Speight, of Maple Drive, Auckley, are the proud new owners of Red. The couple, who have re-named her Rosie, say they are ‘delighted’ to welcome her into their family.

They chose to re-home Rosie, who is missing her left eye, to mark Mrs Speight’s 68th birthday and the couple’s 18th year of marriage.

She said: “When we saw the front page with all of the dogs on it, Roy picked her out straight away and said she was a lovely Staffie. We went to see her last week and she was so friendly , and after a home visit and a session with the dog listener, who taught us a lot about dog pyschology, we brought her home on Saturday. She’s fitted in straight away, and now 
it’s hard to imagine her not being here.”

We have joined forces with the Mayflower Sanctuary in Narrow Lane, Bawtry, after it was ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of strays it had taken in. Mrs Speight added: “She was clearly looked after very well at the sanctuary, and when we went to take her home with us a lot of the staff were queuing up to say goodbye.”

“She’s so well-behaved and doesn’t have any trauma or anything. People looking for a new dog should definitely consider taking home a rescue dog.”

While Kyla and Rosie have been lucky enough to find a new home, there are still many others in need of someone to look after them.

Hannah Briggs, kennel manager at the Mayflower Sanctuary said the response to the appeal had been ‘amazing. The kennels is currently looking after 52 strays. She added: “Every time one dog leaves, another one takes its place so there are always dogs in need of a new home.


- Six year old Lola is an energetic Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has been at the Mayflower Sanctuary since 2012 and needs a new owner to look after her.

- Ronnie is a ten month old Labrador-cross who has been with the sanctuary since November and needs to be homed with a family who do not have other pets.


All dogs at the sanctuary have been microchipped and vaccinated.

People interested in adopting one of the dogs should call the sanctuary on 01302 711330.

If you adopt one of the pet pooches we want to hear from you, contact us on 01302 347221.




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