End to Turbary road row moves a step closer

Residents of Turbary Road, Epworth, are unhappy about the amount of potholes on the road. Picture: Andrew Roe

Residents of Turbary Road, Epworth, are unhappy about the amount of potholes on the road. Picture: Andrew Roe

The row over the state of Epworth’s Turbary Road has moved a step closer to a resolution.

At its meeting last week the town council took decisive action, after constructive talks with North Lincolnshire Council bosses.

Coun Graham Wilson’s suggestion to gather three tenders for remedial work on the road, to last several years, was moved forward.

North Lincolnshire Council could supply scalpings after holes were filled in, although these would not be free of charge, said Chair Don Stewart, who added that once quotes were received, it could then be decided how to finance the necessary road work. Maintenance would be part of the deal, although he warned “at the end of the day that may fall back to the town council”.

Coun Eddie Mardell said he had much sympathy for residents, but asked if the town council did spend beyond what is legally allowed, could they be liable to prosecution?

It must all be done legally, said Mr Stewart, with 100 tonnes of scalpings required. Coun Bob Fish asked if the Section 137 stricture that restricts spending is binding.

Mr Stewart said a set price would allow them to look at how to finance the work legally, adding: “We do want this resolving.”

Clerk Caroline Maguire said that breach of 137 and whether that might subject the town council to legal proceedings would be “entirely dependent on how North Lincolnshire Council wants to look at it.”

Mr Fish said that if section 137 has to be applied in this instance, then it must also apply to every organisation that comes forward for help in the future.

Work done to level the road with scalpings on top should last four years, and longer with maintenance, said Mr Wilson. It was agreed to acquire three quotes for the work then to approach North Lincolnshire Council again to ask them to share the resulting cost.

Resident Lorna Thompson was present at the meeting and asked if all the councillors had been to view the dire state of the road. She said: “It is disgraceful in this day and age. The holes are horrendous.”




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