Doncaster’s first green gasworks opens today

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

Doncaster’s first commercial green gas operation will be officially unveiled today.

A new £8m plant near Lindholme will pump biomethane into the National Grid and be capable of heating 2,500 homes a day during peak demand in winter and up to 40,000 homes during the summer.

The new green gas facility at Hatfield Woodhouse involves the use of maize and other crops grown during ‘break years’ at 15 local farms.

National Grid, the gas network company, has teamed up with Future Biogas on the project and hopes to develop 80 such facilities across the country over the next eight years to increase the use of green gas and ease the reliance on traditional suppliers.

Jeremy Binding, National Grid’s director of network strategy, said: “Biogas will play an important part in providing safe, sustainable gas supplies for our homes and businesses for decades to come and help to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to supporting biogas and this is the first step in our goal to connect 80 such projects across the country over the next eight years.”

The biomethane plant will process 35,000 tonnes of feedstock every year. Crops are fermented in a digester capable of producing up to 12,000 cubic metres of gas per day which is then injected into the gas network. As a by-product, the process also produces an organic fertiliser that will be used by local farmers.




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