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Flooding at Denaby (above) and deluges leave Poplar Grove in Conisbrough under water. Pictures: Wendy Collins

Flooding at Denaby (above) and deluges leave Poplar Grove in Conisbrough under water. Pictures: Wendy Collins

THE River Don and Dearne are on flood alert as torrential downpours hit the borough once more, causing a primary school to close.

The borough is again bracing itself for more rainfall which has led to Denaby Main Primary School in School Walk shutting its doors today.

Hungherhill School in Edenthorpe is also closed.

Doncaster was one of the worst hit areas in the country in the summer of 2007 following the downpours destroying homes in villages including Bentley, Arksey and Sprotbrough.

However, this spring it was classed as being a ‘drought area’ due to no rainfall.

The Don and Dearne areas were affected early by the floods which are forecasted to bring a month’s rain to the region today.

Roads between Conisbrough and Denaby were underwater after the flash floods which deluged the area between 6 and 7pm on Thursday.

At Conisbrough Station Road School, a spokeman said: “We had our corridors flooded and teachers came in specially last night to mop up. We are still doing it this morning but we are keeping calm and carrying on”.

The nursery at Windhill Primary School in Mexborough was closed this morning, due to flooding.

Tracey Wilson, clerical assistant, said: “The water was ankle deep so we had no option but to close it. The pupils are still having lessons and have moved into the primary school part.”

Conisbrough resident Wendy Collins was at thwe town’s war memorial when the downpour began last night.

Wendy said: “It was De Warenne Academy school proms and the youngsters went to the cenotaph, just out side the Castle grounds to have their photographs taken

Then the rain came and almost drowned the lot of them!. My friends relative was there - her family had spent a fortune on the dress and hair do, as they all do and it was all ruined, their hair

and everything was drenched”.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service reported flooding at Pastures Road and Lanark Drive, Mexborough, and Chestnut Grove, Conisbrough between 6pm and 7pm on Thursday.

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