Cakes to make you blush!

Controversial cake maker Gemma Cook, of Barnsley.  Picture: Marie Caley S1058MC

Controversial cake maker Gemma Cook, of Barnsley. Picture: Marie Caley S1058MC

People from across the Dearne have been travelling to Honey Cupcakes to sample the region’s most controversial cakes.

When Gemma Cook set up her cake business, Honey Cupcakes, the last thing she expected was a barrage of complaints and several social media bans.

But after the 27 year-old posted a picture on Facebook of her latest baked creation - a birthing cake, which graphically depicted a baby being born, she was inundated with angry comments and complaints that labelled her design ‘disgusting’ and ‘pornographic’, and led to her being banned from the social media site.

Far from shy away from the controversy, Gemma says she enjoys designing cakes that are ‘a little bit different’ and some of her more risque designs include saucy cakes, which she says are popular with hen and stag parties, and have been ordered by customers as far a field as London.

The mother of two said: “Birth is a natural part of life, so I didn’t understand why people got so upset by it. It’s just cake at the end of the day!”

“Someone said I shouldn’t be making them because I have children in the house, but I would never let them see the cakes and bake them when they’re at school or in bed, so I don’t know what the problem is.”

She added: “I do all kinds of cakes, wedding cakes, character cakes - whatever really! And I’m willing to try any design I’m asked for, with the exception of ones involving drugs paraphernalia.”

In a bid to avoid shocking her customers, Gemma now has two Facebook pages for Honey Cupcakes, which is based in Mapplewell in Barnsley, one public and one private - that warns its members of the content before they join.

The self-taught cake maker, says she has not been put off from continuing to push the envelope of cake designing, and has plans to make a breast-feeding cake.

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