8,000 days of roadworks misery for Doncaster motorists

Roadworks on Balby road are causing delays for motorists across Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley D1891MC

Roadworks on Balby road are causing delays for motorists across Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley D1891MC


Fed-up motorists were stuck in over 8,000 days of roadworks last year, official figures reveal.

But the figures, published by Doncaster Council, show that there has been a reduction from the previous year after a change in rules.

In 2012-13 there were 8,196 days of roadworks on the borough’s carriageways, with an average duration for five days for each.

The figures represent a period which saw major projects such as water main repairs on Balby Road, resurfacing work on Thorne Road, and the ongoing scheme to widen the White Rose Way route which joins Doncaster to the M18.

But officials at the council say this is a fall from 2011-12, when there were 12,777 days of roadworks that lasted on average for six and a half days.

The level of roadworks in the borough still remains a concern, according to Doncaster Taxi Drivers Association.

Vice chairman Andy Pownall thinks despite the reduction in roadworks, and changes to the way utilities have to apply to carry out work, the same problems are still there.

He said: “The amount of traffic that the roadworks cause and the time it takes is still going to cause problems.

“I can’t see it making a difference at all.”

Graham Hamilton, sales director of McGregor Logistics, a haulage company based at Warmsworth Industrial Estate, said he had not noticed a fall in the disruption.

He said: “I am quite happy with the amount of work that is ongoing.

“I haven’t noticed a reduction - it seems to be a constant repair programme since the flooding. There are delays and traffic but it needs to be done.”

Doncaster Council says it has altered the procedures for companies wanting to dig the roads up.

The Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme for Road Works and Street Works was introduced in July 2012 and covers 400 of the 6,500 roads across Doncaster.

Since then the law was changed to allow councils to charge utility companies for permission to undertake work.

The cost of permits are £211 for major works, £109 for standard works, £64 for minor works and £59 for urgent/emergency works.

Director of regeneration and environment, Peter Dale, said: “Roadworks cause a headache for drivers and businesses which is why we introduced this scheme. We can’t prevent them from happening, but having a permit scheme encourages companies to plan their works better.

“The council doesn’t make a profit from this, the charges simply pay for the system.”

At the moment roadworks across the borough include temporary traffic lights and drainage works on Mosham Road in Blaxton between the Back Lane junction and Blaxton Roundaboud, and Stubbins Hill in New Edlington is closed at the Granby Road junction, because of sewer works. Meanwhile, temporary traffic lights are in place while telecommunications work is carried out on Adwick Road in Mexborough between the Victoria Road junction and the King’s Road junction.




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