South Yorkshire amputee is fighting fit

Dave Taylor,  lost a leg in a motorcyle accident and the use of one of his arms.
Dave Taylor, lost a leg in a motorcyle accident and the use of one of his arms.

An amputee from South Yorkshire has shown what is possible with hard work and dedication after overcoming his disability to transform his body.

When he was just 17 Dave Taylor, from Mexborough, had his left leg amputated above the knee and lost all use of his left arm after a motorcycle accident. 

Now 48 Dave, who was a keen sportsman as a teen, never gave up on his fitness goals, despite the ongoing challenges caused by his accident.

In October 2012 he started working with personal trainer, Mike Calpin, who has specialist experience of training people with disabilities.

“I told him what I wanted to achieve and he developed a plan to work to,” said Dave.

“The results started to follow and I think they speak for themselves.”

After six months Dave’s confidence soared as he lost 37lbs.

“I now feel more confident and I’m proud of my transformation,” said Dave.

“This is the best shape I’ve ever been in. It’s never too late!”

Mike, 47, from Killamarsh, said training Dave was extremely rewarding.

He has worked with a range of clients during the 15 years he has worked as a trainer, but said Dave’s transformation was the greatest he had ever seen.

He named Dave his ‘client of the year’ last year for his continued commitment and determination to reach his fitness goals.

“He had always wanted a six pack but had basically given up with it after the accident,” said Mike.

“I knew I would be able to help and I was more than pleased with the results. With the right information, willpower and mindset, anything is possible.”