Forget the Beanstalk – Jack’s the giant!

TONGUES OUT: But unlike his sister Abigail, Jack's has already been shortened....THREE times. Picture: Karen Elliott.
TONGUES OUT: But unlike his sister Abigail, Jack's has already been shortened....THREE times. Picture: Karen Elliott.

SUPERSIZE tot Jack Ives suffers from a rare disorder – that has catapulted him to TWICE the size he should be!

Brave Jack is aged just four, but a condition known as Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome has made him grow to the same size as an average TEN-year-old.

The tot is already over 4ft 2in tall and weighs four and a half stone.

Doting parents, Hayley and Darren, from Swinton, are now trying to raise funds so they can fly him to America this summer to see specialists who may be able to give him hope of a better life.

Darren, 34, said: “He is an inspiration to me and Hayley, the way he just gets up and gets on with things despite having this condition.

“But he also knows he’s different, and it is a real challenge for him. There are only 64 people in the UK with the same condition.

Hayley added: “The doctors have told us he’s a bit of a one-off – he is also about double the weight of an average four-year-old”.

Jack spent his first year in and out of hospital and has so far undergone a staggering FIFTEEN operations in his short life.

He was also born with a big tongue that hindered his breathing and eating.

After being fed via a nose tube, he has since had THREE tongue-reduction operations. Doctors have also inserted a tube in his stomach to help him digest food better.

And young Jack also has a tracheostomy – tubing put in his neck to help him breathe.

His condition also means he is at high risk of tumours, and his parents are currently awaiting test results to determine whether he has testicular cancer.

In addition, he has one leg slightly larger than the other and sometimes needs to use a wheelchair.

Hayley and Darren, who also have three other children, are now desperate to fly Jack to Denver, Colorado, in July for the bi-annual Beckwith Wiedemann Conference – in the hope that specialists may be able to offer better treatments.

Darren said: “The world’s top specialists will be at this conference and something that might be a first for us, they might have seen a thousand times before.

“It will give us some hope of finding better treatment for him.”

Hayley added: “We made enquiries about how much it would cost to go over there, and it was just way too expensive for us. We have to spend most of our time looking after Jack.

“We just want to help him lead a much more normal life and be able to do the things that all the other children do of his age that at the moment he is not able to do.”

* Can YOU help Jack?

Hayley and Darren are now planning to hold a fundraising event to help get Jack to the States. If you can help them call Lee Peace at the Times on 01709 303054.