Village green hope despite school fence

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HOPES of designating a village green on part of playing fields next to Hallam Primary School are being kept alive by the local community, despite a security fence being erected around the school.

After opposition from residents around Lodge Moor, Fulwood and Sandygate to a proposed 2.4m fence around the school, a 2m fence has gone up.

“The school was able to go ahead with this due to the fence being below the height which requires planning permission,” said a spokesman for the Hallam Village Green Society. “Ironically, it is now at a height which they have told us a number of times isn’t sufficiently high enough to fully protect the school.”

The council confirmed the application for a 2.4m fence has been withdrawn but now the wrangling is over the positioning of the fence as community representatives pursue the ambition of seeing the declaration of a village green.

The current boundary is not where the society would prefer. However, it still leaves “a reasonable amount of space on the field for public use, although significantly less than was there before”.

The society adds: “We still wish for the village green application to run its course as it would, if successful, protect the field from development in the long term. However, it is a long process, and little progress has been made by Sheffield Council as yet in assessing the application.”

If the application is approved, the school could potentially be forced to move the fence back 25 to 30m, although the community is being asked whether it would want to insist on this. Campaigners says the fields have been used for 50 years for recreation.

The school, off Hallam Grange Crescent, told the council it wanted a fence as a protection against vandalism, graffiti and break-ins.