Young politicians get a taste of Westminster

wombwell kids
wombwell kids

A CLUED-UP youngster from Wombwell has raised local issues, in person, at the House of Commons.

Eva Emmerson from Wombwell joined Taylor Wileman from Barnsley to represent the town as members of the UK Youth Parliament.

They took their seats on the famous green leather benches, and used their opportunity to voice their views in a series of debates.

The members (known as MYPs), work year-round to represent the views of young people in their area.

There were 330 young people invited to the Commons Chamber, to represent 65,000 others who had voted previously on topics they felt should be highlighted.

Eva said: “Taking part was a brilliant opportunity; I learned more about the House of Commons and how it works. I also felt very proud and privileged to be representing Barnsley at such a special event”.

Following the nationwide poll and the subsequent vote in the House of Commons, ‘Make public transport cheaper, better and accessible for all’ is now the priority campaign for the UK Youth Parliament in 2011 to 2012, that will see young people across the UK campaigning and lobbying for change and action.

The event formed part of Parliament Week.