Bugsy all set to take to the stage

Wombwell Operatic Society Youth Section break out the splurge guns in their rip-roaring production of roaring 1920s musical Bugsy Malone.

The play reprises Alan Parker’s 1976 musical film, based on events in New York City in the Prohibition era, specifically the exploits of gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran – but the major difference was that only child actors were used!

The film was Parker’s feature-length directorial debut, introduced actor Scott Baio, and featured “veteran actress” (at age 13) – Jodie Foster.

The film introduced the world to the splurge gun, which shoots rapid-fire custard.

Once a mobster is “splurged”, he is “all washed up” and his career in crime is over.

Bugsy Malone opens tonight (June 9) at the Operatic Centre, George Street, Wombwell, and runs until Saturday.

Curtain is up at 7pm for evening performances and 2.30pm for Saturday matinee. Tickets are £7. Call 07905 764693.